Social Impact

Practice.Party was founded on the guiding principle that mentorship is crucial to the human experience and the best means for deep learning in music.

Started as part of a nonprofit by music educators and social workers in March of 2020, we focused specifically on paying musicians impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to teach and connect with students experiencing homelessness.

By being completely digital, we were able to connect teachers and students from around the world for meaningful and easy-to-access experiences, nurturing the relationship between teachers and students of all backgrounds. And suddenly, we realized that as a new kind of for-profit, we could reach a scale of impact that matched the need among teachers and students, and our dream to create an online space for ALL musicians to congregate and get better, together, became one step closer.

Students practice multiple days a week alongside their peers and mentors in a gamified practice environment. We have a Buy 1, Give 1 model for subscribers that allows housing insecure scholarship students to access music lessons free of charge. A social good Buy 1, Give 1 subscription model for companies, arts organizations, social services organizations and individual musicians of means to sponsor students

[Em]Powered by Practice.Party

To satisfy an overwhelming need for community impact through music, we’ve created a whitelabel, plug-and-play music engagement program that creates meaningful partnerships between Social Service Providers and Performing Arts Organizations locally and globally to deliver our programming.Our ‘21-22 partners include Opera Philadelphia/Project Home, Detroit Symphony Orchestra/Brilliant Detroit, and musicians of the MET Orchestra/Lantern Community Services. Stay tuned for our ‘22-23 partners!

Party NooBs

The new generation of musicians coming of age during Covid are redefining what it means to be socially engaged in this century. This program enables accomplished high-school and college aged musicians to give back while getting better, gaining crucial early mentorship experiences along with access to our network of teaching artists/hosts and Legends. Board the train today, be a host tomorrow, and a Legend the next day.

GEMM stands for Gender Expansive Music and Musicians. GEMM’s mission is to increase the audibility of Trans* and Nonbinary voices in music and the performing arts by dismantling the polar binary of “masculine” and “feminine” voice, and to make sure TGNCNB folx everywhere have the techniques and resources to transition their voices whenever and however they like.

MUSEical Tales

MUSE-ical Tales is a program for younger students (under 9) that interweaves music and literacy education. The main goals are to encourage a love of music and reading, cultivate emotional intelligence and imagination while creating a safe space where students can be openly creative.