My child is only 4yo but shows a big interest in music. Would you consider matching a 4yo with a private teacher? And how would Practice Parties work?

4 years is a bit young, but if your child has a good attention span you could try and sign up your child for a 30-minute lesson. We would ask you to plan on being in the room with your child at all times, for both Private lessons and Practice Parties for our youngest learners to provide further guidance.

Private Lessons

How long are private lessons?

If the student cancels within 24 hour of the lesson time, the lesson cost will be refunded. See more information in our Student Terms of Use.

Will I be charged for missed lessons?

We have a 30, 45, 60 minute option for lessons. The length is determined by age and experience.

I would like to subscribe for Private Lessons only. Are you thinking about offering this in the future?

We are always open to new ideas but at the moment we are not looking to add this type of subscription.


Can I log in to Practice.Party with my mobile phone?

Practice.Party currently doesn’t have a mobile app but you are able to login using your phone’s browser. However, the experience is better on a computer and is therefore recommended.

Practice Parties

My child is under 13 yo. How can I be sure that a safe learning environment is provided during Practice.Parties?

We offer 2 kinds of Practice Parties:

1. Public Parties (anyone can join)
These parties are workshops, hosted by our most experienced teachers and invited Guest Musicians/Celebrities. During those parties visitors don’t interact in any way, not on audio/camera, not on chat.

2.Private Practice Parties (available to Core-Partiers and Party Animals)
These Parties are split up in 3 different age groups (7-12yo, 13-17yo, 18yo and up). In other words, each age group will only be mixed with their piers, and our experienced “Party Hosts” are offering age appropriate instruction.


Will I be able to use the Practice.Party App as a teacher?

Yes. Absolutely. And what’s more, as a teacher you will be logging in to the teacher version of the app, which, apart from your schedule, allows you to see your students and assign work to them. You will also see your students’ practice bytes which are short audio and video recordings, students can submit to you through the app.

How do you get on the Practice.Party teaching roster?

We go through an extensive process to find the best and most suited teachers that are in line with Practice.Party’s missions and values. We prefer teachers who already have experience teaching and would like to expand their studio and/or artists who are passionate about teaching and are community-minded.


How do I cancel my subscription?

Please send and email to support@practice.party to cancel your subscription. You will receive a confirmation email within 24-48h.

In what frequency will my card be charged?

The payee’s card will be charged off-schedule for the first week, and then every Sunday at 11am for the following week of lessons/ Practice Parties.

When will I be asked for payment?

After you had your first consultation (Core Partier and Party Animal Plan), and we have matched you with a Private Lesson Teacher (Party Animal Plan), you will receive a payment request via email for the first week of our service.

What payment service do you use?

We use Stripe, which is an easy to use and secure payment service. None of your card information is disclosed to Practice.Party staff.

Get unlimited access

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