App Features

With a subscription to any of our plans you will get access to the Practice.Party App. See the app as the tool box to organize your lessons, and enjoy the features we have built in to make practicing even more fun!

Student Dashboard

View your assignments, upcoming lessons, and upcoming practice parties all in one place!

Record Practice.Bytes

Take a video recording of 60 second videos to show your progress to your teacher in between lessons

Custom Repertoire

Work with your teacher to assign songs and exercises, complete with lesson notes and accompanying audio and sheet music files.

Coming Soon!

Friend Your Fellow Musicians 

Find fellow musicians to practice with from anywhere in the Practice Party network!


Compete with your friends to see who can spend the most time shedding on their repertoire to prep for their next lesson

In App Rewards

Future sponsorships will allow us to reward the students who are working hardest at getting better at their instruments.

Get unlimited access

Our subscriptions allow you to join once per week or get unlimited access to all our parties. Join as often as you can, and get better, quicker.